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Episode 5: Salvador Dali – Artist Profile

Love him or hate him Salvador Dali is one of the most recognizable artists on the planet. For some reason this man’s art continues to fascinate millions. Whether images of his paintings are gracing the walls of a dorm room or used as desktop backgrounds there’s no debate that in terms of mass reproduction of […]

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Episode 4: Marc Chagall – Artist Profile

So, one important thing to remember when studying art history is that sometimes you have to appreciate works you don’t personally find aesthetically appealing. This is the my relationship with chagall. Amongst all the painters who lived in Paris during the 1920s he seems the most tame to me. His fluffy characters and bright palette […]

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Episode 1 : Edouard Manet – Artist Profile

In this episode I go over 5 or 6 major pieces by Manet.  If you are interested in learning how to paint with oils please take my online painting class . If you are looking for more information on Manet I suggest Michael Fried’s Book Manet’s Modernism . It comes in at a whopping 600 […]